I believe in helping you hold up the mirror to see your authentic reflection in order to succeed.

There are times when we feel unsure about what to do next, the paralysis analysis. In a world when we glorify the concept of being “busy” – I’d rather ask if you feel productive. I work with you to see those speed bumps of progress and brainstorm ways you can unleash your authentic potential, be it personally or professionally.

We’re going to have fun and laugh, but I’ll also be asking you some hard questions and holding you accountable to your words and actions. I love brainstorming to come up with new or innovative ways to approach problems or concepts that we can work on together.

Dan can tell you something you might not want to hear, in a way that you want to hear it.

Andrea Javor

Personal – re-imagining your mindset practices, connecting with others authentically, creating conversations that matter, prioritizing your life

Professional – team building, leadership, failure, communication styles, impostor syndrome

Speaking – identifying your story, ideal audience, getting paid to speak, building a keynote and giving feedback

Voices for College – this virtual masterclass-style course is designed for those looking to create a keynote and speak to the next generation of leaders on college/university campuses. More information can be found at

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