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At first, I just logged on expecting the same workshop talks like other previous one but Dan's program!? He definitely set a different higher level and approach on the intersection of alcohol and consent talk. I like how he added relatable content within his presentation (the personal experiences, music, and greek-life mannerisms).

Chia Lu
Cal State Long Beach, Student

All Lies on Me:
Getting Out of Your Head and Conquering Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever felt out of place, like you don’t belong? Maybe you’ve been elected to serve your organization and don’t feel like you’re qualified. Turns out, you’re not alone. A study from the Journal of Behavioral Science found that over 70% of people feel like an impostor at some point in their life. Throughout this keynote, we engage audiences so you not only understand you’re not alone, but we help you realize your capacity to ask better questions and connect on a more natural level, proving that it’s not about trying to fit in, but stand out.

Being a leader is hard, and there are times when it feels lonely. How do we manage the high expectations of others (and ourselves), while navigating the feeling that we might fail?

What if there was a way to successfully fail? What if we could embrace failure as the pinnacle to success? Imagine how that could change the way we lead our teams and organizations. Let’s see how to effectively shift the mindset of our teams so they want to embrace failure as the cornerstone of success. You’ll develop action items your teams and organizations can apply to help grow as a leader while advancing your organization, and even humanity.

There are times people think they are invincible. They go out with the intention of drinking so much they black out, but what happens when they don’t remember the night before? How does alcohol impact the ability for a person to give consent? Listen to real life stories as we go through college nights of fun, nights of mischief, and one particular night to forget.

“Dan’s program touches on many aspects of sexual assault – the role of relationships, substance abuse, and consent (or lack thereof), the realization and understanding of what happened, and the aftermath that can last many years and impact a lifetime. Dan successfully uses humor to talk about this very difficult topic, and he is relatable to students and vulnerable in his story all in the same space. Dan’s program is very powerful and it helped our students begin to think differently – and more personally – about sexual assault.”
Dawn Floyd
Director of Compliance/Title IX, Lenior-Rhyne University
“Dan’s keynote hit home with a lot of our students. He kept them engaged, but, when it was time to be serious, they were hanging on his words. I think they left feeling empowered and were thinking about their own experiences and the experiences of those around him. They are already asking for him to come back next year to work with our new members!”
Becky Acton
Appalachian State University

Recruitment. Training. Onboarding. Whatever you want to call it, it still comes down to one thing: people. What if we could move past getting to know people on a superficial level and get to know them better? What if the people you were inviting into your organization were already your friends? This keynote illustrates the power of friendship in the recruitment process, while having a blast along the way, with entertaining real life experiences and tangible tips and tricks you can use for the rest of your life.

Being a guy isn’t easy, and it seems like it’s getting harder all the time. Drawing from personal experience as a geek and comic book collector, Dan realized the parallels for masculinity that have existed throughout the decades, continually being shifted and refined. Through the lens of pop culture and some very entertaining and vulnerable stories about his own life, Dan believes we need to move past “boys will be boys” and understand how we can be the real men the world needs.

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